Comments, Complaints, Claims and Municipal Court


Three ways to contact us with a comment or complaint (claims are the subject of the following section) 

  • Phone (450 243-6111)
  • E-mail
  • Internet (online form)


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Your obligation towards the municipality: forward a notice of intent to the Town within 15 days.

If any person claims or pretends to have suffered bodily injury by any accident, for which he intends to claim damages from the municipality, he shall, within 15 days from the date of such accident, give or cause to be given notice in writing to the clerk of the municipality of such intention, containing the particulars of his claim, and stating the place of his residence, failing which the municipality shall be relieved from any liability for any damages caused by such accident, any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding.

In case of any claim for damages to property, movable or immovable, a similar notice shall also be given to the clerk of the municipality, within 15 days, failing which the municipality shall not be liable for any damages, any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Your can forward your online notice of claim to the Town Clerk by filling-out the required form (below). You can also forward your notice of claim to the Town Clerk by mail after filling-out the form made available to you to that end. Don’t forget to include the date of the incident as well as the claim’s details and your name, address and phone number.

Every action, suit or claim against the municipality or any of its officers or employees, for damages occasioned by faults, or illegalities, shall be prescribed by six months from the day on which the cause of action accrued, any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding.

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    Click here to find out about our policy for receiving and handling complaints (in French).


    A policy is now in place to guide requests for traffic calming measures. Visit this page for more details and to fill out the application form.


    Municipal Court and Statements of Offence

    For any question concerning a notice of infraction you have received, directly contact the Waterloo municipal court at:

    Cour municipale de Waterloo
    417, de la Cour bureau 210
    Waterloo, QC J0E 2N0
    Telephone: (450) 539-2282
    Fax : (450) 539-2801

    You have another type of demand, contact us.

    Preuves de lien parental ou de tutelle légale admissibles

    • Certificat de naissance;
    • Lettre gouvernementale d’allocation ou de prestations familiales;
    • Document légal attestant de la tutelle;
    • Carte d’hôpital;
    • Bulletin scolaire;
    • Tout autre document attestant du lien de parenté.

    Reimbursement policy

    Family income - Reimbursed %
    Less than 45 000 $
    45 001 $ to 55 000 $
    55 001 $ to 65 000 $
    More than 65 001 $

    Accepted proofs of residency

    • Driver’s license;
      Municipal tax bill;
      Current insurance policy;
      Utility bill dated no more than three months ago (e.g., electricity, gas, cable, etc…)

    Accepted proofs of parental relationship or legal guardianship

    Birth certificate;
    Government letter of family allowance or benefits;
    Legal document attesting to guardianship;
    Hospital card;
    School report card;
    Any other document attesting to the parental relationship