The Town Registry and Legal Affairs Service oversees the planning, organization, coordination and control of resources related to the Town’s records and archives as well as litigation issues relating to the Town.

The Director of Town Registry and Legal Affairs attends sittings of Council, draws up the minutes of the proceedings and is responsible for document management and municipal archives. He is the custodian of the books, records, plans, maps, archives and other documents and papers either belonging to the municipality, or produced , deposited and kept in the office of the municipality. He is also responsible for the preparation of various documents, including by-laws, the publication of public notices and the treatment of requests for access to documents held by the Town.

He also exercises an advisory role towards the Town’s Council, its management and municipal services regarding legal aspects inherent to records or related to the development and implementation of Town policies or processes. He also oversees litigation issues relating to the Town.


Owen Falquero
Registry and Legal affairs
Town of Brome Lake
122, Lakeside Road
Brome Lake, Qc J0E 1V0
450 243-6111, ext. 236


Preuves de lien parental ou de tutelle légale admissibles

  • Certificat de naissance;
  • Lettre gouvernementale d’allocation ou de prestations familiales;
  • Document légal attestant de la tutelle;
  • Carte d’hôpital;
  • Bulletin scolaire;
  • Tout autre document attestant du lien de parenté.

Reimbursement policy

Family income - Reimbursed %
Less than 45 000 $
45 001 $ to 55 000 $
55 001 $ to 65 000 $
More than 65 001 $

Accepted proofs of residency

  • Driver’s license;
    Municipal tax bill;
    Current insurance policy;
    Utility bill dated no more than three months ago (e.g., electricity, gas, cable, etc…)

Accepted proofs of parental relationship or legal guardianship

Birth certificate;
Government letter of family allowance or benefits;
Legal document attesting to guardianship;
Hospital card;
School report card;
Any other document attesting to the parental relationship