The Fire and Public Safety Service does much more than just extinguish fires!

The Fire and Public Safety Service is responsible for the management of the fire department, the first responder service, and the nautical and civil safety.

Fire department

The Fire and Public Safety Service intervenes in the event of an emergency such as a fire, accident, disaster or rescue. Firefighters then make every effort to protect the lives of citizens and their property. The Fire and Public Safety Service also plays a preventive role by assessing the potential risks present in the territory and by identifying the right preventive measures to be adopted.

Since the enactment of the Fire and Public Safety Act, the Fire Safety Service has been responsible for complying with a risk cover scheme in the event of fire, which aims to reduce the loss of life and loss of property. The diagram covers all aspects of the service, from the vehicles to be used, the equipment required until the response time of the firefighters.

The team consists of 32 volunteer firefighters who have received intensive training of a minimum of 365 hours to respond to fire, disaster and rescue efforts. If you want to join our beautiful team, contact us at (450) 243-6111 or by email at


First respondents

The First Responder Service has been in existence since March 2003. It is a vital service offered by Town of Brome Lake because it has already saved many lives through its interventions in emergencies with people in difficulty. It is therefore a service highly appreciated by the users and the community.

First responders are community volunteers who have received training over 60 hours including theory, practice and simulations. If you are interested in joining this team, contact Alan Bowbrick by email at


Water Safety

Summer season is very busy on Brome Lake. It goes without saying that the same level of safety that we aim at on our territory is also applied to nautical traffic.

It is for this reason that since the 1980s the City has not hesitated, in peak times, to guarantee the presence of a nautical patrol on Brome Lake. Its role is primarily prevention, but patrol officers are also mandated to:

  • Have the speed limit respected;
  • Validate that laws are respected regarding the safety equipment required on board boats;
  • Assess the skills of motorized pleasure craft operators;
  • Intervene in case of accidents or disaster on the lake.

If you have any questions about emergency services or you have questions about fire prevention in the Brome Lake area, please do not hesitate to contact us: 


Preuves de lien parental ou de tutelle légale admissibles

  • Certificat de naissance;
  • Lettre gouvernementale d’allocation ou de prestations familiales;
  • Document légal attestant de la tutelle;
  • Carte d’hôpital;
  • Bulletin scolaire;
  • Tout autre document attestant du lien de parenté.

Reimbursement policy

Family income - Reimbursed %
Less than 45 000 $
45 001 $ to 55 000 $
55 001 $ to 65 000 $
More than 65 001 $

Accepted proofs of residency

  • Driver’s license;
    Municipal tax bill;
    Current insurance policy;
    Utility bill dated no more than three months ago (e.g., electricity, gas, cable, etc…)

Accepted proofs of parental relationship or legal guardianship

Birth certificate;
Government letter of family allowance or benefits;
Legal document attesting to guardianship;
Hospital card;
School report card;
Any other document attesting to the parental relationship