Local people and flavors

Brome Lake Farmer's market

The Brome Lake Farmer’s Market aims to establish a direct connection between local producers, processors, artisans, and the community.
Our goal is to showcase fresh and local products.

Starting in the summer of 2024, our market will be held at our newly established permanent structure located at 48 Maple Street, in the heart of our village.

Every Saturday morning during the summer season, discover the gems and products that contribute to the reputation of our region.
Come celebrate the diversity of local flavors with us!

Bernard le Boulanger
Café Julius
Les potagers des nues mains
Conservation Lac-Brome
Divine Olive
École du 3e rang, vignoble et cidrerie
Ferme Cavendale
Vignoble Les murmures
Ferme Hallacres Farm
Ferme Loabec
Ferme O’Nature
La colline aux bleuets
Les Jardins de la Grelinette
Ferme d’apiculture Gibson honey farm
Les spontanés
O’ de Sève
Pâturages du Lac-Brome
Rose Blanche ferme Florale
Thés C.G
Vintsini producteur d’huiles essentielles du Québec
Les jardins en mouvement

We are currently accepting applications for the summer period, which will take place every Saturday from June 1st to October 5th, 2024.

Important Information to review


  • For one 10-foot space: $25 (taxes included) per market.
  • For two 10 feet spaces: $50 (taxes included) per market.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application, our team will review your file. Response times may vary depending on the season.

The market reserves the right to accept more than one producer of the same product.

Note: Whether your application is accepted or not, you will receive updates from us via email.

Exhibitor Selection:

The selection of exhibitors is based on various criteria to encourage a loyal customer base while ensuring a diversity of products and a positive atmosphere on-site. The market prioritizes producers, processors, and artisans in the agri-food sector.

Here are various criteria for selection:

  • Registration during the established registration period
  • Desired number of attendances
  • Number of exhibitors already offering similar products on-site
  • Exhibitor’s seniority
  • Exhibitor’s origin (priority to businesses in Brome-Missisquoi, then to neighboring regions)
  • Dynamism, quality of customer service
  • Compliance with requested dates during registration
  • General attitude towards other exhibitors, the Town, employees/volunteers, and customers.

Where does the market take place?

The market will return to 48 Maple Street.

Need more information? You can contact us at infoloisirs@lacbrome.ca

The full events program will be announced soon!

Contact us

48 rue Maple, Lac-Brome, J0E 1V0
450 242-2020


The Brome Lake Farmer’s Market aims to establish a direct connection between local producers, processors, artisans, and the community.


In the summer season
Every Saturday morning
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
48 Maple Street, Brome Lake.

Contact us

48 Maple Street, Brome Lake, J0E 1V0
450 242-2020

Preuves de lien parental ou de tutelle légale admissibles

  • Certificat de naissance;
  • Lettre gouvernementale d’allocation ou de prestations familiales;
  • Document légal attestant de la tutelle;
  • Carte d’hôpital;
  • Bulletin scolaire;
  • Tout autre document attestant du lien de parenté.

Reimbursement policy

Family income - Reimbursed %
Less than 45 000 $
45 001 $ to 55 000 $
55 001 $ to 65 000 $
More than 65 001 $

Accepted proofs of residency

  • Driver’s license;
    Municipal tax bill;
    Current insurance policy;
    Utility bill dated no more than three months ago (e.g., electricity, gas, cable, etc…)

Accepted proofs of parental relationship or legal guardianship

Birth certificate;
Government letter of family allowance or benefits;
Legal document attesting to guardianship;
Hospital card;
School report card;
Any other document attesting to the parental relationship